A massive winter storm is starting to take shape tonight across the Mid Atlantic and will move into the Northeast tomorrow morning and throughout the day tomorrow . Below you can already see snow moving in the D.C. area. Heavy snow will be possible from just NW of Washington D.C. Through southeast Pennsylvania, New York City and into the Boston area. D.C. metro is looking at around 2-5 inches of snow while just to the NW there could be a foot plus. There will be a large area of one to two feet from SE Pennsylvania up to Boston. Aside from the heavy snow threat high winds will also be an issue as gusts could easily exceed 50 mph causing widespread power outages .If you are traveling to the Northeast tomorrow you may want to wait an extra day if possible as traffic and airports across the region will come to a standstill. Behind the system cold air will invade the eastern half of the nation bringing the possibility of a damaging freeze to the Southeast

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