What Now??

The Northeast Blizzard has come and gone . The snow is melting and the cold is starting to let up across the eastern half of the country. Now what?? Was that winters last stand?? That can be debated for weeks depending on location. Yes it can still get cold in late March and into April across the eastern half of the country . Truth is , March is normally a very active transition month and we are starting to see signs of that in the long range modeling .

Spring severe weather season is about to move into prime time over the coming few months. This means warmer temps, an active pattern and strong to severe storms. Models are actually hinting at an active pattern over the coming two weeks with troughs digging into central part of the country and low pressure systems cutting through the heart of the Midwest. We will need to watch these systems as they get closer .

One thing is for sure, the transition has started . Gone are the days of sustained cold ( not that we had too many this year). Gone are the threats of significant winter storms in the southeast . Incoming are warmer days , warmer nights and a few stormy periods here and there.

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