Multiple Severe Threats April 3rd-7th

It seems like we have been dealing with the threat of severe weather for the last three weeks . Must be spring time in the southeast . The coming week offers no break and in fact, the two upcoming systems could be the strongest we have seen over the last month. Our first system gets going tomorrow over Texas and Louisiana where a big severe weather outbreak is expected .

The threat slides east on Monday bringing a severe weather threat to Mississippi, Alabama , Georgia and into the Carolinas overnight Monday into Tuesday. The main threat at this point will be from strong straight line winds and large hail. The tornado threat looks rather low right now say from the i20 corridor northward . However there will be a greater tornado threat over southern Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and the Florida panhandle. Here is the day two outlook

A large squall line will move through the above mentioned areas bringing the severe threats along with the potential for some very heavy rain. Some locations could recieve between 1-2 inches. Here is the 3k NAM

If that’s not enough, we are looking at yet another possible threat Wednesday into Thursday and that threat looks to be the most significant of the season so far . The obvious strong wind and hail threats apply to this threat but , there appears to be a much greater tornado threat with this system . Cape values are very high and the low-level winds appear to be more favorable for supporting tornadoes . Still plenty of time to watch this period, just know this has the potential to be a substantial outbreak. Here are the latest cape values from the 12z euro

So a busy week is shaping up weather wise. Please make sure you have a reliable source for receiving warning information. I heard someone at the store this past week talking about how they don’t go to their safe place until they hear the outdoor siren. That is a HORRIBLE idea . The outdoor siren system was created back during the Cold War to alert people of any incoming attacks it was NOT CREATED FOR TORNADO WARNINGS. Often times the sirens sound minutes after warnings are issued . Minutes can mean the difference between life and death. Please make sure to have a weather radio or another reliable source this week. We will have numerous updates in the coming days


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