Fighting Through The Storm

On May 9th 2017 Perry Williams lost his battle with cancer. It was a courageous fight that inspired many and one that will not soon be forgotten. This past year was hard on Perry but he didn’t let that stop him or slow him down.

Perry had a passion for weather that was second to none.  As he described it in one of his blog posts it started many many years ago when he would read weather related  articles , study weather history and just spend time at the national weather service in Atlanta . Perry had a strong passion for hurricanes and tornadoes and as many would say he was a ” human weather encyclopedia “. He chased his first hurricane in 1979 and saw his first tornado just a few years later. Perry was always looking out for his friends , family and community when threatening weather was approaching.


Perry was diagnosed with a high grade sarcoma in his left leg and in 2015 his left leg had to be amputated.  The outlook was promising and Perry embraced his new life with open arms and a full heart. Unfortunately in September of 2016 the cancer returned and spread throughout his body. However , during this time Perry was fighting like crazy . He was determined to ” kick cancers butt ” . He embraced the battle daily and continued to show his love for life and for people.

Perry fought when he could have given up. Perry was courageous and inspired us all. He was loved by so many and that was evident when a gofund me page was started to raise money to get perry transported from Atlanta to Washington State so he could be surrounded by family. Hundreds of people donated even complete strangers and more than 15 thousand dollars was raised. Last month Perry was transported by ambulance from Atlanta to Washington State. The overwhelming joy he had when he got there was clear from all of his facebook posts . He was especially happy and grateful to be close to his sister again

Perry will be missed by many but make no mistake about it, his legacy will live on. He impacted so many lives and was an encouragement to all of us . Thank you Perry, thank you for teaching us all an important lesson in life. To love others, respect others and to help others. Thank you for being courageous and fighting everyday to inspire so many . We are so thankful that you got to spend your last few days on earth with your loving family and we know you were surronded by love. While your storm on earth is now over rest assured it will not be forgotten.

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